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I Got Da Blues

Today is yet another snow day for me. I had every intention of sitting down and finishing up some sewing projects today now that I’ve inherited (well, not recently, more like 6 months ago) an old sewing machine from my MIL. I had been borrowing one from a friend before that and when she needed it back, it left a few projects incomplete. I pulled out the sewing machine, dusted it off, and sat down to wind a bobbin, then I remembered: this machine can’t wind bobbins anymore. I don’t have a single wound bobbin. And there’s a blizzard raging outside. So much for that. I guess the lap quilt and cloth pads will have to wait until I get the other sewing machine I inherited. Yes, I inherited two sewing machines within a month of each other. Talk about a windfall. One can wind bobbins but can’t keep tension when sewing, and the other can sew all day long but can’t wind a bobbin. Maybe next summer I’ll buy a machine that can do both!

I was hoping to actually sew up some of the cloth pads I blogged about this summer. I got all the materials, cut out the pattern pieces, then got busy with coaching, subbing, and then my new job at Monmouth. Oh well. I’ll have to wait until Allan can bring my other machine down from Orono.

I suppose I’ll work on some reading and knitting today. It’s too bad, though, because I really wanted to sew. Oh well.

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