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The Mountains

  • find ways to balance my career and my personal life so that I feel that they are in harmony rather than in discord with each other
  • continue to nurture and develop my relationships with my family and friends
  • find more time to spend with my loved ones and friends
  • continue to be thrifty and frugal to save money towards big life purchases
  • find more time to knit and read for pleasure during the academic year
  • run 5k and 10k road races on a semi-regular basis
  • train for half-marathons and eventually marathons
  • travel to Europe (Italy, England, Scotland), New Zealand, and Asia (Japan, some parts of China, Korea, Thailand)
  • through-hike the Appalachian trail

The Hills

  • move to one of the following areas:  Boston, Seattle, Portland OR or ME, eastern VA or central PA
  • find a school to teach at that supports me personally and professionally for the fall
  • save mulah
  • work out more to become even hotter 😛

The Pebbles

  • take a photography class
  • purchase a nice digital SLR
  • finish the brown raglan cardigan
  • finish the green cardigan
  • knit a lace shawl
  • begin designing my own knitting patterns
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