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Online Social Networking Communities

I’ve joined quite a few social networks over the last few months that I’d like to share with you. I’m fairly picky with the ones I join as my time is limited and I don’t want to be a poor contributor to a network.

First off, any knitter or crocheter out there should sign up for Ravelry. This tool is designed by fiber geeks, for fiber geeks. You can create project pages for your current objects, queue up projects for the future, see what other people are working on, browse patterns, put a button on your browser to queue projects you see online, and contribute to forums talking about the stuff we enjoy talking about. Ravelry is still in beta right now, but they’re adding people as quick as they can. Go there, add yourself to the waiting list, and within a few weeks you’ll get your invitation.

Next, is Book Crossing. Book Crossing is a place to register your books and get a Book Crossing Identification number (BCID) to put in your books, then you can either lend them to friends and they can enter the BCID on the site and enter a comment on the book either giving a review or just letting you know who has it. I’ve entered nearly all the books for my classroom library on this site and have used it as a way of keeping track of who has what and what they thought of it.

The true beauty of Book Crossing is the catch and release feature. People all over the world release books into the wild and give either lucid directions or clues where the book can be found. It’s great fun to see what books have been released in your area and try and find them, then when you do, enter the BCID number and create a new journal stating where the book was found and how you liked it, and then when done, release the book again. It’s great fun!

Last, but not least, is Library Thing. This is similar to Book Crossing in that you can enter your books into a database and provide reviews of the books, but it’s unique in that your reviews can be submitted to professional organizations, can be viewed by members all over the world, and you can connect to the libraries of individuals and organizations all over the world. The idea is that every reader is a librarian. You can join groups, you can update or edit author information (but don’t worry, there are professional librarians on the site that will keep everything under control), and connect with friends. I really enjoy using Library Thing. The great thing about this tool is that it connects you to libraries world wide. I’m going to really enjoy this tool over the coming years.


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