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Blog Roll

Here’s a list of blogs I read on a nearly daily basis.

The Daily Coyote
This is all about the woman and cat who adopted a young coyote pup after his parents were killed. It’s not time-synced with the present as she decided to start blogging about it after the coyote, Charlie, had been living with her for a few months. She went back to the beginning and told the story through updates and photos. She takes amazing photos.

The Caffeinated Librarian
The title says a lot. She is a librarian who loves her coffee, but, as we learned through her blog, she recently had to give it up. She writes about her life, interesting blogs and news articles, and about the books she reads. She’s an amazing resource for interesting online things.

No Impact Man
This is a blog by a man in New York City who is trying a year long experiment to have no negative impact on the environment. He went from his fast paced NYC lifestyle to that of a conscientious hippy overnight in the attempt. He thoroughly researches the topics he writes about as he intends to write a book about his experience when he’s done. He is married with a young child. His entries are often sad, frustrating, and hilarious (go back and read some of the first ones when he was starting the project!)

Hello Yarn
This is one of my favorite knitting blogs. The blog author owns a fiber shop and designs amazing patterns and puts a lot of them up for free. Again, amazing photography.

The Lawsons Do Dallas
This is one of my personal favorites. The blog author is an old friend of mine from college who moved from the east coast to the middle of Texas for her husband’s chiropractic schooling. This blog follows her life through the adventures of being a stay-at-home-mother to a toddler while her husband was in school. Amy, simply put, is a gifted comedic writer. You will surely be unable to resist laughing hard, out loud, to her week-day posts.


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