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I'm glad I'm a knitter…

… on days like today. This storm was talked up to be the nor’easter of the decade; it’s just a typical winter storm. But it is blustery, snowy, sleeting, and not much fun. Allan and I braved the cold and snow around 1 pm, after the snow plows had been working to clear the roads for a few hours, to get a few groceries and we lost the back end around a few corners.

I got my school obligations whittled down to a place where I could knit for a while. I worked on my wool/silk seed stitched scarf (pictures forthcoming), mini socks for earrings, and a grey alpaca hat. All of which are still on the needles, but have grown by a few rows today. Today is the first day in a while that I’ve had the opportunity to knit. And it felt good.

Allan has a full hat, scarf, and mitten set out of Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Peat Moss. He’s glad I’m a knitter because I keep him warm head to toe. He was wearing socks I knit this fall and the set while clearing the car earlier for our quick errand.

I’m now blogging, thinking, and working on dinner with one of my knitted blankets on my lap and a mug of green tea nearby. I’m so glad I’m a knitter!


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