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Insult on Injury

Back in my younger days, I shared an apartment with two other girls. We were poor, naive, and very egocentric. We split a small two bedroom apartment between the three of us and the five cats. It was a mad-house. At the time, I was in my second year of college and trying to keep the cracking image of my life intact. It wasn’t working. My parents were separated, I was questioning my childhood religion, the love of my life had just turned his back on me, and then, on top of all of this, we were evicted because my roommates were not paying their rent.

I moved out and spent the rest of the semester, this was in late January or early February, couch surfing. I spent a good number of days with my friend Lise and her two children in subsidized housing near campus. I also spent a few weeks at the apartment of a friend who was kind enough to move back in with his parents so I could have some space. During this time, I lost track of my roommates. I didn’t really care to know of their whereabouts because I was hurt, angry, frustrated, and scared. I had no idea how to make this whole life-thing work now that the pieces were so completely broken apart.

Years pass by and I recover slowly from this mess only to find out that after we moved out, one of the two roommates continued to set up utilities in my name where I was not living or receiving services, completely unknown to me. I started receiving collection notices for internet services, electricity and other such things. Some of them I was able to prove I was not the recipient on, and some I had to suck it up and pay. I got all of these cleared up about 3 years ago.

Then tonight, I get a call from Allan: “I have a collection notice for you from Verizon. Did you ever have phone service through them?”

I think for a moment. “No.”

“Well, they say you owe them $95, you better give them a call.”

Sure that this was identity theft, not thinking it was related to my previous roommate trouble at all, I call the collection agency. After the hassle of being forced to give my current information to talk about the account, I find out that the former roommate in question set up a phone account, in my name, but put her’s on there, too, and never paid the bill. This is from 2002.

I was, um, shall we say a little peeved. No, that’s not strong enough. I was f*cking pissed! I still am. How dare she??? I thought I had the whole mess cleaned up so I could leave that flaming pile of poo of a history behind me. Now it’s all mixed up in it’s infinite stench with the promise of putting a black mark on my credit history just at the time everything else should start dropping off.

If I ever see her, I plan on breaking her face, after demanding all the money she’s cost me, plus interest. And as many of you know, I’m not an angry or violent person.

This has driven me to feeling violent.

2 responses to “Insult on Injury

  1. Amy December 13, 2007 at 3:23 am

    Oh Jen…that’s awful!I’m totally curious to know which one it is. That’s so very honest, loving and Christlike of her….and that’s sarcastic.Hope you get it cleared soon.

  2. Busy Little Bee December 14, 2007 at 12:01 am

    It was S. A. Although I owe her no protection, I’ll give her the courtesy of not broadcasting her name on a blog.I still have to contact Verizon to get this cleared up. But who’s home before 6 pm?? Certainly not this busy at all hours of the day teacher!!

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