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Teaching Journal Entry

I’ve been teaching for 18 school days now and it honestly feels like 60. I’ve put in so many hours of planning, reading, teaching, grading, and committee-ing that I could have easily lived 2 lifetimes by now.

Progress reports come out on Friday and I’m scurrying to finish grading the back-log of assignments, get the grades (all 18 days of ’em) entered into GradeQuick and then post them to EdLine, and post all 18 days worth of assignments up on EdLine so the parents and students can see what they should have completed and will soon be completing.

Some of my greatest challenges have been juggling all the top priorities and keeping up with the lower priorities. It seems like everything is urgent. I’m not seasoned enough to know which things I can set aside and which I can’t. Thus, I’m up until 11:30 each night and I’m at school by 6:15 each day.

I’m working on designing each of my classes to be portfolio courses, but this is akin to reinventing the wheel. The previous teacher was good, but definitely a traditional teacher, and thus everything is very rigid and standardized, you know, weekly readings, reading guides, and quizzes. I’m not like that, as anyone who knows me can attest to, and I’m working on making these classes resemble my style while still honoring the needs of the school and MLRs. I’ve been spending my weekends designing the portfolios that I hope to start with the classes next week. We’ll see how that works out.


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