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snow day anticipations

If you are reading this in the North Eastern part of the United States, then you are aware of the huge winter storm moving in tonight. You all know what that means: snow storm jitters. It’s when you are 98% sure there will not be school the next day, but that 2% keeps nagging at you. We’ve all been there — almost no way there will be school, the forecast is predicting the worst, then it blows out to sea and you’re slumping to school unprepared and let down. Yet, most of the time, we’re right and we wish we’d have done something fun the night before to celebrate.

Snow storms are a rare holiday in any part of the world that receives snow. It’s akin to the days when you actually get paid your allowance, or you get your tax returns, or when you suddenly find a $20 in an old jacket. That’s right, snow days are like money, except instead of money, they’re extra days in which to vegetate and do absolutely nothing. So, you’re actually depleting instead of increasing money, but still, snow days are bank.

What am I doing on this lovely snow day-eve? I’m blogging, I’m catching up on MySpace and Facebook events, and I’m about to sit down in front of a few TV shows and knit. Ahhhh, yes.


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