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Book Crossing (.com)

Has anyone heard of or used www.bookcrossing.com? I’ve been an active
member for a few months now and it’s an amazing resource! The idea
behind the project is to connect people’s personal libraries world-
wide by listing them online with a unique ID number, releasing the
book “into the wild”, and tracking the books location via journal
comments on the book’s ID#.

I’ve recently started entering my classroom library into the system as
a way of tracking which books I bring into the library, who has them,
and their review of the book. The English cohort talked a lot about
classroom book review binders — this would be a great way to
implement that program in a paperless and hassle-free manner; let
alone a space saver! However, depending on computer access, some
students may find it difficult to gain access to the site and/or may
find it intimidating to navigate. Overall, the pros outweigh the cons
and it’s a great classroom tool!

My bookcrossing screenname is: brokensnowpea

Check out my collection and the project!


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