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Interview Update

As promised, I’m posting more on the interview, and while I’m at it, today’s adventures.

All night I tossed and turned so I welcomed not getting a sub call this morning to call me away early in the morning on the day before my first interview in a month. I spent the morning catching up on blogs, trying calm my stomach, and getting my materials ready for the interview. I nearly forgot that my car’s oil has needed a change for over 1000 miles so I squeezed that in. Come to find out, if my car were inspected today, which it doesn’t need, it would fail because the ABS light is on. Blargh. There goes lots of monies.

I got the car taken care of then got on the road to Monmouth at 1:30 because I knew of three spots on 95S with construction. I planned an extra hour to account for this. For some reason, there was absolutely no backed up traffic so I ended up an hour early in Monmouth. Luckily, there was a charming little cafe for me to spend the hour knitting in.

I arrived at Monmouth Academy at 4:15 and waited until my appointment at 4:30. The guy ahead of me sounded like poor competition because he was still trying to push his credentials and references on the way out. Go guy! Way to sound desirable and competent.

I wasn’t nervous at all when I first got there and when I walked in the room, but as soon as I sat down and the process began, I started shaking and talking fast. I ended up stating to them that I was nervous and asked if I could have a moment to regroup. They were gracious and allowed it. When we resumed, I was ready and settled in. Overall, the interview went very well. They were really impressed with my responses and questions. I could tell because of their body language — they settled into “conversation” sitting positions and not “interview” sitting positions. And we started having a real conversation instead of rapid fire questions. It went well. I’ll know how well on Friday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I then drove the two hours home in the dark on the highway. I hate driving in the dark on the highway because it dulls my senses and turns my brain off. It’s hard to keep from speeding and also drifting away in thought — not a good combination.

I got home, ate some fettucini alfredo, played cribbage with Allan, took a bath and am now getting ready to read for the rest of the night. All in all, it was a good day.


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