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Snow Crash

As a science fiction/fantasy fan, I’m ashamed to say I was not aware of this book as of 8 weeks ago when my Gifted and Talented coordinator put it in my hand. We talked about what to do with a group of gifted ninth grade students and when he learned that I’m, what I now call, a bithead, he handed this book to me and said read it. So I am. I’m halfway through and am already planning on borrowing Stephenson’s other books from the library. It’s amazing. I cant wait to have the first meeting with my tutees so we can start talking about it.

Wikipedia has a great summary of the book. I’ll let you read it.

I find it amazing how insightful writers continue to be. Think Orwell. Think Verne. Stephenson is one of these guys. This book was published in ’92 and it, essentially, predicted and described Google, Second Life (and other MORPG’s and RTS), and many many other technologies that are a key part of our communication and technology systems today. Further, it’s amazing how he weaved Sumerian mythology in with all of this bithead stuff.

Oh yeah, and the main character’s name is Hiro Protagonist and he carries two Samurai swords and knows how to use them in both Reality and the Metaverse. Sweetness.

This book comes highly recommended. I’m going to put it on my wish list.


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