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the last few days

I haven’t been updating as usual because I’ve been in Portland, ME for a conference since Wednesday night. I arrived home to Orono, ME yesterday at around 4 pm. It was a wonderful conference and I did a lot of networking. Hopefully I’ll have a better chance at getting a job now that I’ve spent 3 days rubbing elbows with people.

I’ll cover the highlights instead of boring you with a post-conference itinerary.

My coordinator booked the rooms for us when the conference was in the wee stages of planning still so the Old Town people wouldn’t have to travel down from other hotels on Spring St. Because of this forethought, I and my roomie had a room on the 9th floor looking out over the bay. Unfortunately, it rained all three days so the view wasn’t exactly phenomenal most of the time.

An artist who calls her collection Creative Chrysalis was there, as well. She made jewelry, chickens, moose, and many other items. I bought a beautiful necklace and wanted one of these chickens.

Friday night was the Sox vs. Cleveland Indians and we had a Sox party in my coordinators room. We had Sam Adams, Coors (blech), and Bombay Sapphire. The woman who mixed the drinks mixed them strong and I got a wee bit tipsy. So much so, that I kept thinking I lost my room key! Come to find out, I never brought it with me in the first place — I forgot to pick it up from the night stand!

Saturday morning, I was a bit hung over and tired from not sleeping anyway. I skipped out on most of the sessions and went back to my room to sleep. After putting in an additional 2 hours, I decided enough is enough and checked out of the room and left the conference a few hours early. I was tired of only having high-impact carbs at meal times, of the circulated air, of the massive crowds of people, and of not sleeping. It was time to go home.

I stopped in Freeport on the way and visited my jeweler, R. D. Allen, and picked out my wedding band!! I put a deposit on it and will pick it up when we go down to get Allan’s ring. We’re both getting white gold rings — it’ll be beautiful.

I also poked my head into The Body Shop. Anyone who knows me well knows I love The Body Shop. The attendants were bored and so I got a make over.

It was great. I came home with some foundation that actually matches my skin (versus the $26 tube of Aveda that my hair stylist picked out without testing a bunch of colors first that is 2 shades too dark) and some night lotion to help treat my adult acne and the residual scars. All in all it was a good day.

I came home, took another nap, then went to Bangor to adopt Mr. Fish. He’s a very good swimmer and bubble-nest builder.

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