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Busy and Tired

I never thought I’d see the day that I’m too tired and busy to knit. Today was nearly one of those days and it scared me. I actually knit for about 5 whole minutes!!

My days start at around 6 am and end around 5 pm. It’s a long day. When I wake up, I either know who I’m subbing for or am expecting the call. It’s great to get early morning calls to work. Nothing I like better; except sleeping, and I like sleeping! I then arrive at school around 7:30 and go over the sub plans. Most of them are pretty good, but today’s left something to be desired. They were very short, pointed, but vague. For instance, “Period Five: Team planning.” Uhhh? What? That’s all I had to go on. I ended up sitting in the classroom reading Snow Crash for about 45 minutes. I didn’t mind. Following the end of school, I hop in the car go from Orono HS (where I do most of my subbing) and jet over to Leonard Middle in Old Town. Most days I have plenty of time to get there and can run into Hannaford on the way over. However, on game days, like today, I have to make a beeline to the school. After the game or practice, I usually end up playing maid and pick up after the players; that’s getting old fast. I usually get home around 5 or 6 each evening. Then I have planning to do for practice or game time. It makes for a long day.

This is what a typical day look like now.

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