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Life is Good.

Looking around my apartment and seeing that it is mostly in order, despite having recently moved in and despite being very busy, feels good. Our once monstrous laundry pile is now a humble set of two baskets; a towel load and a delicates load. The living room has a nice cozy, inviting feel to it. The living room rug and the wall paint compliments the vibrant blues, reds and golds in the oriental rug. The baskets of wool scattered around the room provide a homey feel. We have a great apartment for the coming year.

My work load is manageable, too. I am getting a better grip on the rules and regulations of field hockey so I can coach my team with more confidence. I’m becoming accustomed to getting early morning calls for subbing, too. I’m actually mostly awake for the calls coming in.

I have an interview for a long-term substitute position at John Bapst Tuesday. I am teaching a lesson to 19 first year students dealing with Greek and Roman Mythology. I am waiting to hear from the teacher before I make final touches on my lesson plan. Hopefully that’ll go well.

I figured out how to run bittorrent, too, which means I am slowly recuperating my music collection. My world has been void of music for the last two years, ever since my hard drive went kaput. I own all the discs, too, but they are scratched after spending a lot of time in my car; they are unplayable.

Despite the slow start on my teaching career, I feel like life is starting to take the shape I always hoped it would. I have the best friend I could ask for in my fiance; our finances, though slowly declining, are in order; I have a productive and rewarding hobby in knitting; I am actively involved in building my resume; I have wonderful and supportive people as friends; and what more, I am satisfied with my body and mind.

Could life get any better than this? I think not. This, my friends, is heaven on earth. Life is good.


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