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On the Needles

Life has settled down enough to allow for more knitting. I went to Fiberphilia and purchased yarn for Jen-socks, Allan-mittens, and another round bottom felted bag. I’m also dedicating this winter to working through my growing stash. I have more wool than I really know what to do with right now. I also need to finish my green cardigan. It needs sleeves, button bands and a neck band. Then I can block it and stitch it up! I picked out buttons for it. I’ll either use antique brass honey bees or shell stars. I didn’t look at the pattern (still haven’t) so I wasn’t sure how many buttons I needed. I have 6 honey bees and about 20 stars. What button set I use depends on how many I need.

I’m also giving a vintage sock pattern a spin. It’s “Gentleman’s Fancy Socks” from Knitting Vintage Socks: New Twists on Classic Patterns by Nancy Bush. I’m using a fine gauge fingering wool that I purchased from Yard Goods in Waterville, ME. It’s a German wool but that’s about all I remember. The label fell off and I lost it in the move. I love the specks and the stripes. It is featured in this post photo.

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