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Library Madness

As a recent graduate, I no longer have the borrowing privileges I once had with my student card. To correct this situation, I asked the friendly people at the reserve desk to set me up with a patron card to the UMaine library. Even though I could have acquired a Bangor Public Library card for free, the borrowing privileges are not the same: I can’t take books out for as long or renew them as many times for as many weeks as the $20 patron card. Without hesitation, I slapped the twenty on the counter and asked for my card. I am now the proud owner of a Fogler Library and Ursus library card. Woot.

With my new acquisition, I borrowed the following books:

For my reading pleaure –
The Widewife’s Tale: A Novel, by Gretchen Moran Laskas.
Liquid Jade: The Story of Tea from West to East, by Beatrice Hohenegger.
The Historian: A Novel, by Elizabeth Kostova.

For my professional development –
Radiant Textuality: Literature After the World Wide Web, by Jerom McGann.
Best Practices for Teaching Writing: What Award-Winning Classroom Teachers Do, by Randi Stone.
Alternate Routes to Teaching by C. Emily Feistritzer.
Phonology and Language Use by Joan Bybee.
Understanding and Managing Children’s Classroom Behavior: Creating Sustainable, Resilient Classrooms, by Sam Goldstein and Robert B. Brooks.


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