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Jobless but not Homeless

Urgh. So, I got a message from the principal at Lawrence Jr. High on Friday at 4:30 pm asking me to call back. This had my hopes up alllllllll weekend: woohoo! I may have a teaching job! Come to find out, she wanted me to call back so she could tell me to my “face” that I’ve been rejected. Ouch. That really hurt. I was so offended that I dragged Allan to Governor’s to have chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast since we forgot to equip the kitchen with Bisquick.

The day got better, then worse, then better again. I don’t know how Allan has put up with me lately with the emotional roller coaster I’ve been riding. We nearly had our second fight ever today. Our first one was nearly a year ago.

We managed to get one of three errands completed today, which happened to be our Home Depot run. We picked up some Stargazer lilies and Dahlias which are now gracing our living room with their aromas. The two we failed on were: 1. drop of letter of interest for long-term sub job in Brewer; 2. stop by Time Warner to get our internet set up. At least we got some pretty flowers out of the trip to town.

Also, I got an amazing idea in town. An old friend of mine, dating back to middle school, happens to work at Home Depot and I ran into her today. We caught each other up quickly on life stuff and she mentioned that she pretty much makes bank at HD. She also mentioned that they desperately need evening workers since most of their staff wants to work mornings and afternoons. I’m totally all over evening hours as they would leave me the 8-2 hours to sub at the local schools. So, in a nutshell, that’s my plan for the next year. I have my application in for Home Depot and I should hear from them sometime soon. If that doesn’t work out for whatever reason, there’s always Borders.

Our apartment is nearing livable status, though we are missing a big chunk of our stuff in storage. I’m unable to help Allan move the heavy stuff and that’s pretty much all that’s left.

I’m gonna call this good and curl up to read some “Perdido Street Station” before I nod off.


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