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As I awoke this morning, I realized my toes and nose were chilled, still are. I nearly forgot that our apartment, perhaps even whole building, didn’t have hot water last night, which is also the source of our heat. I threw on some flannel bottoms, sweatshirt and wool socks I knit up two weeks ago and tried the kitchen faucet. Nope. Not a drop of hot water coming through the pipe. Allan got up and called the apartment management and they’re checking into it. But really, it’s August 21 and when I woke up the thermometer read 49 degrees F outside. In August?? These are supposed to be the dog-days of summer. And it’s been a steady 70-something degrees for the last week; it looks to remain 70-something all through the 7-day forecast. Urgh.

One response to “Brrr.

  1. Amy August 21, 2007 at 6:19 pm

    I’ll trade ya!

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