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(Brought over from the Knitting Blog)Spurred on by Katherine’s feat of knitting her first sock, I too, had to knit one, finally. I have been trying to knit socks for the last 6 months and have been defeated by the directions on how to turn a heel. It didn’t help that the patterns I was following were designed for experienced sock knitters and did not go into detail on how to turn the heel. With energy of finishing, yes, finishing my mulberry wrap last night I launched into my first sock. Instead of focusing my energy on the same patterns I had been trampled by in the past, I turned to Google to to find directions that I could understand for sock numero uno.

Little did I know that my pal Knitty Magazine had an article, “Socks 101”, that included a fun pattern for a training sock.

What is a training sock, you ask? Why, a training sock is a miniature sock that knits up in less than half an hour, thus giving the knitter confidence in his or her sock knitting ability without the time needed to knit a full-size sock on the first attempt.

What more, they are perfectly sized for your favorite little person, under the age of 8 months.

I had the added inspiration of knitting up a bunch of mini-socks, mini-sweaters, and mini-mitttens and stringing them together to use as garlands and decorations for the winter months and holidays. How fun!

Further sock knitting help:
Sock Knitting Tips
Universal Toe-Up Sock Formula


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