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Interviews and Car

Lots of good news in this post.

Allan and I went to Salem, NH to check out a car we found on Craig’s List. It’s a 1999 Acura Integra. Before leaving the house, I check my phone and find that I have a missed call and a message. Lo, and behold, I had a message from the Brunswick District Administrative Assistant saying that they wanted me to come in for another interview with the superintendent. This is a very good thing! So, I call her back and schedule an interview for Friday. Woot.

We get to Salem, and we check out the car. We like it. We test drive it. We think about it over lunch at Cracker Barrel, and decide to buy it. We put down a deposit and we’ll be back to get it this weekend.

At lunch, I get a call from Lawrence Junior High. They want me in for an interview. Cha-ching! I have 3 interviews at the end of the week, count ’em? (1) Lawrence Jr. HS, Fairfield, (2) Reeds Brook MS, Hampden, and (3) Brunswick Jr. HS, Brunswick. Not bad, eh. I should have a job lined up by the end of next week. And then I’ll have a week to plan my year. Blargh.

Hopefully I’ll find a place to live relatively soon if I end up in Fairfield or Brunswick. If I’m in Hampden, I won’t need to worry about it because Allan just got an okay on a big 1 bedroom in Stillwater Apts on College Ave, Orono. We’ll be mailing a deposit for that place tomorrow.

Not too shabby, huh.


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