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Living this fall

So Jen hasn’t been able to find a job in the Bangor area, and I’m going back to school in 4 weeks. I am going to have to find an apartment, and so far I haven’t found anything interesting. I found a 1BR condo for $530, but all the utilities are electric. She said the average is around $65, but I’d be amazed if you could do hotwater, a few lights, and a laptop for less than $60. Which means heat is $5, and the stove runs on magic. I bet the electric would run me $80 in the summer, and $200-250 in the cold winter months, even if it is tight as a drum and I don’t keep it warm. Thats about $700 a month on average. Ouch.

I need a heated place for $500, and if I can find an efficiency for $400 I’m totally on it.

I also have to find at least 1 car, and so far no luck with that. I really want to get rid of my damn VW though, before I have to put another $1000 into it. I’m probly gonna have to get a cheap old car and a cheap, newer American car (like a 2001-02 cav or sunfire) that will fall apart in 2 years or be worth half what I pay for it in a year. Shitty.

Anyway, I hope I find some things that work out just right soon.


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