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School Interviews and Job Prospects

Yesterday was an adventure. I received a phone call on Thursday from Principal Nevens at Warsaw Middle School in Pittsfield to go in for an interview on Friday at 2:30. Happily I agree to the interview and get my interview materials together and groove on. We head out Friday morning and before we get too far we stop for an oil change. I received two phone calls while waiting at the garage. One is from Principal Nevens asking me to reschedule to earlier in the day and the second is from Roberta calling about my Old Town Adult Education application. Wabam. Two interviews in one day.

My interview at Warsaw was amazing. They loved me and really wanted me to teach there. Unfortunately, there was someone more qualified than me. No big deal. It’s not every day that you get a call to interview at a school that received the highest honors a middle school can receive: the National Middle School Association Recognition of Excellence Award.

The second interview as informal, and very interesting. Roberta from OT adult education is interested in having me do an online English elective course with completely free reins. It would be a 14 week course that the students would put in 3 hours a week for. I can do anything. Anything. Roberta would love something edgy and technology rich. Man, I think she has the wrong teacher 😛 Anyhow, it’s incredibly interesting and I’m working on creating ideas to run with. So far, Allan and I have brainstormed: (1) literature and literacy in the 21st century with a cultural literacy standpoint; (2) explorations of 21st century literature and media; (3) media and cultural literacy; and (4) science fiction and fantasy as cultural expression. I have complete free choice of texts, themes and topics. I’m now accepting further suggestions of titles, topics, themes, texts and media to consider.

More on the job: I would end up working 3-5 hours a week, hopefully, after the initial curriculum and lesson planning and online set up is complete. I would be paid $17 an hour with no benefits (it’s a part time job). It would be an amazing resume booster and it would allow me to try out a completely online and media rich form of literacy education.

I’m mailing out five more applications on Monday. I should be in a position to choose which school I work at out of the schools I applied to. We’ll see how everything pans out.


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