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Last week!

I have 5 days, as of tomorrow, and counting down! It shouldn’t be too bad. My 9th grade exams are graded and ready to hand back tomorrow, and they’ll start an essay in class which is due Wednesday. My 11th graders take an exam on Tuesday then my mentor teacher takes over their class. Sweet. So, I just have 3 sections of exams to grade, 2 sections of essays and then I’m done! My 9th graders begin nonfiction (story) and poetry for the last few days to polish off the Holocaust unit. Not too shabby!

As far as moving goes, we got most of the books packed, cleared out the majority of the clutter, and got everything else sorted and ready to pack. We have very little furniture to move and the rest is quick and easy to deal with. We’ll definitely be ready to move out on Saturday.

My MAT graduation is Thursday at 2 pm!! I’ll be officially done the program, but I’ll go in on Friday to finish up the Holocaust unit with the 9th graders.

And then Saturday I have my last licensing exam at 2:25 (Praxis PLT) then I’m all done! I just have to apply for my certification, kick my feet up and wait for the phone to ring!

We’re heading to Yarmouth first. We’ll be there for a few days (3-5) then we’ll head to Camden for a night or two, followed by a few days on the Island (MDI). After that, who knows! We may be on the road to Virginia for interviews and then mosey on down to Florida for a few weeks. The whole summer is ahead of us with no obligations other than find a job and then find a place to live. Easy!


One response to “Last week!

  1. Amy June 4, 2007 at 12:29 pm

    You’re ALMOST there!!!! Yay!!! Florida sounds like a plan to me…go for it!

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