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Sorry for all the negativity but

I’m just super stressed. I didn’t realize just how stressed until I broke down in tears today at school. My entire house has to be packed up by June 9 and we just got some boxes today. Granted, we have already done a lot of work with getting rid of extra furniture and kitchen wares, but there are tons of little things to sift through to make sure we’re not packing up junk we should have thrown out years ago.

On top of that, although my mentor teacher is an incredible teacher and has a lot to offer, I feel as though I don’t have enough information to structure my units and assessments. Bangor has their own standards-based system and no one has given me the scoop on what it is or which ones I needed to hit for my units. And on top of that, I have 8 school days left with 2 exams to create, then administer, and then grade (5 classes worth), two essay prompts to write then review then grade, and novel projects to assess. All in the next 8 school days. It’s not unreasonable, but it’s hard to keep it in perspective and not to stress over it when I have to do all this AND prepare to move AND try and get a job AND try and find a place to live.

Talk to me on June 10th and I guarantee that I’ll be feeling so much better. But until then, I hope I can just survive day to day.


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